Video Production in Newton, Kansas

We're excited to offer full-service video production to Newton, Kansas, and the surrounding area! I grew up near Goessel and returned to the area in 2021 to live in  Newton and launch Newvo Productions.

As a production company with a full complement of videography gear, we are prepared to jump in and shoot any small to medium-sized production for you, from a TV commercial to event coverage.

Or do you have video footage and photos sitting around waiting to be edited into an engaging multimedia experience? I'm happy to offer editing services too.

Newton Multimedia Production

Video Production Capabilities

We offer a wide range of video production services, including multi-camera interviews, b-roll, staged commercials, aerial drone video, and event coverage.

Promotional Videos

We specialize in producing professional promotional videos for the web. A well-produced promotional video can serve your brand for years by enhancing your web presence, from your website homepage to YouTube and Social Media. Our aim is to highlight the distinctive characteristics of any brand, company, nonprofit, or event through interviews, narration, outstanding visuals, and motion graphics.

TV Commercials

If the TV-watching audience is your key demographic, I'd love to produce a TV spot for you, optimized for the format and setting of local television. TV commercials often double as strong digital ads on the web, so we'd encourage you to make double use of the video by advertising online as well.

Video Editing

Video Editing may be my favorite part of the process! Editing transforms a long interview into a compelling story. It transports the viewer to a new world. It adds sizzle to the mundane. Editing is where the magic is made.

My editing process focuses primarily on creating impactful stories, brought to life through engaging b-roll, animated motion graphics, and a great audio mix.

Audio Recording and Editing

Are you starting a podcast? Posting to a YouTube channel? Producing an advertisement for radio or podcasts?

We'd love to come assist with the recording as a producer, edit your audio & clean up background noise from audio tracks, edit a podcast, or improve the audio quality of a YouTube video.

And More

What other marketing needs do you have? Graphic design? Web design? 360° interactive virtual tour? Photography? I do all of these. Visit my homepage to learn more.

Recent Videos Produced in Kansas

Kansas State Fair TV Commercial

A highlight of our work in Kansas was the Kansas State Fair commercial that we shot and edited in the summer of 2022. Collaborating with BowerComm, who wrote the script and produced the spot, I shot the footage and edited the spot before it aired on TV networks across the state in August of 2022.

Public Health Videos

In late spring of 2022, we had the opportunity to help tell a series of stories about COVID in collaboration with BowerComm and the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund. These testimonials featured doctors, public health officials, and COVID patients who wanted to share their stories and perspectives on vaccination. We produced 4 stories in English and 1 in Spanish for this campaign. Watch the whole series here.

And that's just the start

We're currently working on dozens more videos that are shot and produced in central Kansas, in an array of fields (no pun intended) ranging from agriculture to retail to nonprofits. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to stay updated on every big release!

Let's Get Started

We can't wait to get started on a project for you!

Visit our homepage to learn more, explore our work, or simply contact us to start a conversation.

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