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Frequently asked questions

How can I trust you with remote work?

View our testimonials! We've worked with many happy clients who will testify to our character and trustworthiness.
While employed at JMX Brands, I was honored with the company's Work Without Veneers award for living out our core values of Creativity, Authenticity, Giving, Excellence, and Sustainability after being nominated by my peers. I also won the company's Service award for contributions to the company and my community.

Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

Our pay structure will vary based on the project and client, but it's generally based on an hourly rate. If you are interested in paying a project rate or on an ongoing retainer instead, we'd be happy to discuss it with you!

What services do you offer?

Where should we start?
We plan, direct, shoot, and edit professional-quality videos, complete with motion graphics, animation, color correction, and audio mixing. We love our digital design and web design work. We can offer consultation and design services for your website's User Experience design. And we shoot drone photography and videography as well as 360° interactive tours.

What's your pay rate?

Unfortunately, that depends on a bunch of factors. Is this a one-off project or an ongoing working relationship? Are you a nonprofit organization with a limited budget? What type of work would you like me to do? Does it require travel, a video shoot, or complicated motion graphics?
You can expect my rate to be less than a marketing agency but more than a hobbyist doing creative work on the side. Send me a message in the form above and let's start the conversation.