Newvo Productions Highlights Youth LEADership in New Video for Mirror, Inc

This fall, we were approached by Mirror, Inc. to produce a promotional video for their program LEAD. It was an intriguing project from the start, given Mirror's impactful mission in Kansas. They focus on supporting individuals in overcoming personal challenges through a comprehensive range of addiction and mental health treatments, promoting safe, healthy individuals, and fostering strong communities. They can be found across 10 locations in Kansas, providing outpatient and residential treatment centers, an assessment center, and administrative offices. Recognized as one of the largest service providers in their field, Mirror, Inc.'s commitment to professional behavioral health programs for both individuals and communities is inspiring.

About the LEAD Program

As an introduction to their peer-led teen drug and alcohol prevention program STAND, Mirror developed LEAD. LEAD is a one-day, immersive experience design to engage students with reflections on their mental health and influences. Mirror saw an opportunity to expand their LEAD and STAND programs by actively promoting LEAD; that's when they reached out to Newvo Productions.

Production of the LEAD Video

For the LEAD program video, I spent one morning late last year at Moundridge High School capturing the essence of LEAD in action. The energy was palpable; engaged and excited kids filled the space with their activity and voices and participated actively in the program. It was a great setting for a filmmaker to get to work.

Our Editing Process

After the shoot, the editing phase began. I delved into the footage, piecing together a narrative that would resonate with viewers. Motion graphics were added to enhance the visual appeal, incorporating the program's bright colors into the graphics and visuals. The editing process was iterative; after sharing the initial version, I worked through revisions to ensure the final product perfectly aligned with Mirror, Inc.'s vision.

Takeaways From This Production

In addition to the edited video, Mirror, Inc. received all the source footage and a selection of edited photos, providing them with a wealth of material for future marketing efforts.

The project's highlights for me were numerous. Filming the engaged and excited kids was incredibly rewarding; their enthusiasm was infectious. Incorporating the program's bright colors into the graphics and visuals allowed for a creative exploration that mirrored the energy of the program itself. Moreover, working with a client like Mirror, Inc., who communicated well and could articulate their goals clearly, made the project not just a job, but a collaborative creative journey.

Work + Values = A Rewarding Experience

Mirror, Inc.'s work directly addresses a critical need in our state by fostering individual growth and community strength. Producing this video was not just a professional engagement but an opportunity to contribute to their mission, helping to highlight the vital work they do and the impact of their LEAD program on young lives. It was also a project that underscored the importance of clear vision, collaboration, and the impact of community-focused initiatives. We were grateful for the opportunity to play our part.

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